The History of Otto

Italy, Turin, spring 2020: lockdown

The whole society stops… everyone (or almost) is stuck in their homes.
The long-awaited free time has arrived and many are in crisis… what to do now?
The most intrepid start baking bread and pizza as well as sweets… the others listen to Conte’s press conferences and learn to wash their hands.


Frank, an advertiser…

– not quite, maybe more of an artist…
– well, mostly a math and astrophysics enthusiast…
– are we sure? He’s totally inattentive!
– but for 30 years he has had a communication studio with employees!
– Yes, but have you ever seen him work seriously? He almost always thinks about playing!
– Yes, but in the sense that he is a consultant for a very important made in Italy toy company…
– yes it’s true, but…

In short, we said … Frank, “a strange guy“, goes to the supermarket to buy yeast and flour but finds the shelves empty … the other Italians have already taken everything.

What to do now?

He has decided! He will return to his studio, there will be less work but it is good not to leave clients alone in dealing with this new crisis.

In reality, the phone rings a few times and there is not much to do, but Frank is not worried about his company. In over 30 years of work he has gone through several dark periods and knows well that after every difficult moment there is always a rebirth, a new spring. It is a universal law.

He looks out the window and looks at the river. No one on the street, apocalyptic silence… only the chirping of birds keeps him company.
Finally! thinks Frank, a pause from the frenzy of work (yes he is really a strange guy! All the company heads in those days were worried and anxious about the future of their business) … and in an almost meditative silence, all of a sudden …


That sketch he had seen the night before appears in his mind: a perpetually hooked tile studio done for a client years ago! The tiles hook into a thousand different combinations in his mind. Each side is divided into 3 parts, the lines follow different paths, shapes and designs come to life… especially the circles, the universe is full of them, but also the squares and then…
Then a bee passes by…



what wonderful living beings bees!


He finds a flower, full of nectar, but she continues to buzz around it before deciding to land… A constant and repetitive flight, in the shape of… EIGHT: infinity! One of the most bizarre shapes that can be created with tiles, or rather with tiles, the tiles of a game!
What Frank has in mind is the embryo of a game, a board game!

When the universe sends you signals of this type, you understand that everything is connected and you also understand why you have done so different things in your life, without any apparent logical relationship!

OTTO was born in Frank’s head who knows how many years ago, but it took a pandemic to show itself!
The game probably pushed our Frank to mathematical studies, to a passion for astrophysics and at the same time to the irrepressible urge to draw and paint.

From an early age, Frank was thirsty for creativity and thus left a safe and well-paid job to found an advertising agency; he studies Escher and throws himself headlong into graphics while “chance” makes him the trusted consultant of a toy factory … the desire to play never leaves him and he also invents games for children.


But then comes OTTO…
the points scattered throughout a life come together and find a logic.


OTTO is an original and abstract game. There is no setting that brings us back to real life just like our Frank, who according to those who know him well, it seems that real life does not give a damn: his head is always in the clouds … indeed between the stars!

Think that one day he swore he had played with an extraterrestrial, he described it in detail… then, the joker, he admitted that it had been a dream.

But yes, in fact an extra terrestrial could easily play with it, he would only have to complain about those strange shapes that are the Arabic numbers, while for the rest it is graphic signs and mathematics, universal forms of communication!


At the beginning EIGHT was not as you see it today.


It had come out of Frank’s head in a crude, primitive form; then, once the collaborators returned and the playtests started, the game itself started asking for more levels of complexity. Then it was perfected with the contribution of the whole team.

Today OTTO Game Over has landed on the market, ready to offer an infinite number of exciting and never repetitive challenges.

This is how Arcastudio has overcome a difficult situation, reinventing itself! The only constant in the universe is change!

If you want to join us, we just have to wish you a good landing in the infinite universe of OTTO!