A new abstract game that will surprise you!
Intuitive and strategic, with an out of this world design.

The most popular board game in our galaxy has finally landed on planet Earth!

We mean it. Otto is a discovery not an invention. The graphic language through which the game has been devised, is rooted in mathematical and geometrical principles that belong both to nature and the whole universe. This game, created by Frank’s visionary intuition, could have easily been designed by any extra terrestrial civilizations. All the elements of the game are universally understandable and go beyond human knowledge.


The game is based on the modularity of the never ending connection between all tiles. You can literally pick them up and randomly place them on the board: coherent designs with infinite combinations will always come to life. However that’s not the game.


Being completely deprived of any setting, the game can be defined as ‘universal’, as it’s based on visual perception of symbolic geometries. OTTO is the most abstract game ever, with a unique design, perhaps even extraterrestrial.


The game balances between strategy, the vision of future opportunities, chance, and the player’s style. In playing OTTO you will always discover new strategies, unforeseeable scenarios and complete situation reversals up to the last move.

OTTO is a surprising game: it’s as simple as it’s complex. We can only tell you about some of the incredible features that make it so special. Not all of them can be described, but you can sense them as you play, and these sensations lead you to something bigger, something deeply connected to other worlds and civilizations.

Discover Otto Game Over

Just one game to learn how to play. 8 games to have fun by creating strategies. 80 games to become almost unbeatable. 7.9228e28 is the number for potential game configurations.
The number is so high that is a mouthful: the fun is never ending!


Team tactics, unexpected recoveries, bluffing, suspense, tension, surprises, twists and turns. Playing OTTO breeds fun, which is ultimately the aim of any game. And when you have fun… one game leads to another.


You will find out by playing it: Otto Game Over, beyond  strategies, intuition and foresight, requires and develops creativity at the same time. Game plans and creative tactics reward the players in the most unimaginable ways. A creative mind, in OTTO is the winner.


An Italian, a Japanese, a Mexican man and a Martian are playing OTTO. This is not the beginning of a joke, it could truly happen! All game equipment is completely international. Dare we say universal! The only localised part is the instructions manual.

Sustainability: an indispensable challenge

Putting Otto Game Over in production by using plastic would have been not just cost effective, but definitely easier. But we surrendered to the fact that a game that comes to life in 2020, can not ‘be playing’ with the environment. Therefore: no plastic, only FSC certified paper and wood that comes from responsibly managed forests. We strongly believe that environmental sustainability comes before the financial one.

Our Team


Founder & Game Designer

Otto Game Over comes from the creative genius of Franco Caniatti (called Frank) that has master minded the game during the 2020 lockdown. It was then developed in Arcastudio, his communication agency founded in the 80’s, where the team’s enthusiasm took care of the rest. Everyone has contributed to perfecting  the game by having fun in a galactic way.


Cofounder & Creative Director


Aesthetic Designer




Marketing and Social Specialist


Strategic Consultant


CTO - Developer




Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer






Public Relations