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OTTO Game Over is an "absolute abstract". Completely deprived of any setting, it can be defined as "universal" as it is based on visual perception of symbolic geometries.
It is an extremely elegant game of tactics and strategy, a real design object, beautiful to see and exciting to play.
Easy to learn but far from trivial. It will fascinate both experienced players and newbies.

A few simple rules allow you to immediately start a game that lasts 35-40 minutes. OTTO is therefore a game that can be enjoyed both as a party game and as a pure strategic abstract much deeper than you can imagine. The more you play, in fact, the more you understand the levels of complexity of the game.

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To win, you must place the tiles on the board to form circles or squares with which to score points. The tiles could literally be placed at random: you will always generate coherent designs with infinite combinations. But the skill of the player is in creating the 8, the symbol of infinity, a kind of checkmate that overturns the score with an 8-nil.

The two "bully tiles" can be considered as surprises, but if played cleverly they can, together with the powers of the secret cards, bring the game to a higher strategic level.

Conceived by Frank (Franco Caniatti) and then developed at his communications agency, Arcastudio, during the first lockdown of 2020, OTTO participated in a successful Kickstarter campaign and is poised to become a hit of abstract games.

OTTO has been designed and produced to leave the minimum environmental impact on our Planet

It is made of 4 certified materials: paper, cardboard, cotton and wood.
Apart from the protective cellophane that wraps the box, OTTO can be defined as a plastic-free board game.
It is a game 100% made in Italy, or rather made in Turin.

It can be purchased in Italian or English, while rulebooks in other languages can be downloaded from

1 in-depth rulebook and a summary rulebook
A game board
36 game tiles One secret card deck
44 point markers, i.e. 11 per player
One tile-holder tower
4 player boards
One scoreboard
4 score markers

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Game name
Game indipendent. Manual in many languages
SKU english version
SKU italian version
Franco Caniatti
Abstract strategy, Family game, Science fiction
Game strategy
Matching, Modular Board, Pattern Building, Pattern Movement, Tile Placement, Variable Players Powers
Player age
from 8
Match time
about 35 minutes
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